3 Benefits of Astrology


Astrology is an ancient tradition which says that the character and destiny of human depend on the position of the stars at the moment of birth. However, we also believe that astrology allows meaningful and practical changes of every individual in order to improve the quality of life. Astrology supports the existence of free will and rejects superstition and fatalism. It also allows us a more objective understanding of our character, recognition of our talents and potentials, and an opportunity for emotional and spiritual maturation. Many people look at famous astrologer in Noida as a guiding thread for a happy and successful life.

The position of the planets at the time of our birth helps us in identifying the weak or strong areas of our life. Astrology can help us to understand better the events of our past. Besides helping in avoiding strains in marital relationships, business and professional matters, astrology also helps in enjoying good health, prosperity and spiritual advancement. With the help of astrology we can discover what qualities we seek in a partner and how to overcome any disagreement, because we will have a better understanding for different personalities.

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Many believe that astrology is a blessing for the humanity, because it has a lot of benefits. Find out which are the greatest 3 benefits of astrology.

Better understanding of different personalities

Horoscope can give us an insight into the mindset and the characteristics of people with whom we live. In this way we can better adapt to each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we can also avoid conflicts and reduce the negative consequences of the differences in the characters.

A look into the future

Astrology is a divine science which enables us to look into the future. Astrology can show what expects us in the future, what energies lie ahead and when is the best time to take action to accomplish your goals. In this way, if we have at least a basic indication of what awaits us, we can make decisions more easily.

Relationship compatibility

Many people believe that studying our astrological chart will tell us which signs we are compatible with. The comparison of astrological charts of two persons can determine their degree of compatibility, whether it comes to romance, business relationships or friendships.

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What are the different kinds of Astrology?


At last count there were over 80 branches of top astrologer in Noida in usage! That’s really so amazing considering the minimal uses at its inception.

Most practicing astrologers today use astrology for self-awareness, family, and clients. This self-contained system is probably the most complete system. It is interwoven with so many other paths of wisdom as well.

Today we can work with Western astrology, Vedic, Hellenistic, Classical, Traditional, Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Korean astrology, and more. But let’s go through all the branches of application.

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Humanistic astrology is what we now primarily practice in the West. Some refer to this as astrological ‘readings’ to assist people who want personal awareness, knowledge of their patterns, karmic issues, strengths, weaknesses, and predictions for their future.

Karmic/esoteric astrology focuses on the more spiritual side of interpretation and insights.

Relationship astrology of course deals with the energy between two people in relationship, which can be lovers, or child/parent, boss and employee, family patterns, etc.

Vocational astrology focuses on assisting the client to understand where his greatest career potentials lie.

Specialty branches are Horary astrology is the branch of answering specific questions and finding lost items. Electional astrology is that of searching the sky for the most propitious time to begin an event, such as opening a business or buying a car or getting married. Rectification is the branch to rectify a birth chart for a person who does not know the time they were born.

Mundane astrology is a branch that covers political events, wars, countries and global changes.

Astro meteorology is the study of and prediction weather and geological patterns.

Financial Astrology or astro economics is a very recognized branch today used by many stock brokers on Wall Street. Astro Financial software is now available to astrologers to trade the markets.

Gambling and Sports astrology is a common branch and astro software is available for this as well.

Astro mapping utilizes astro-mapping techniques to alert us to where in the world the headlines will emerge. It is also applied to individuals to know where in the world one should move in order to use his positive energies for more success in life.

Medical astrology has grown to greater popularity at this time for both people and pets. Diet, herbs, and remedies also fall under this heading.

Planting by astrology has been around for centuries and still thrives. (Just look at how long the Farmer’s Almanac has been around!)

Mythical astrology is the branch that applies the worldwide myths to explain the archetypes in the chart.

Psychological Astrology is just what it says – it focuses on the psychological aspects of character in the horoscope.

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New Moon 8 October 2018 Pretty Prey




chttps://astrologerankittyagi.comThe New moon October 8, 2018, falls at 15º Libra decan 2. The new moon October 2018 crystal gazing demonstrates the new moon conjunct Ceres square Pluto. It falls on settled star Kraz in the group of stars of Corvus the crow. The Moon here appears to make either frantic virtuoso’s or draw out the most abominable qualities of the crow. The “birth local will be dynamic, clever, bold, savage, and a criminal and drunkard.” [2.] By nobility, the Moon isn’t upbeat in Libra decan 2. It is uncertain of itself and most likely much excessively worried about what others consider them. Those contacted by this moon will endeavor to succeed so they can win the endorsement of a group of people.


Truly, I’m apprehensive Moon Libra Decan 2 brings out the exemplary narcissists that eternity desire reverence. On the positive side, we can utilize this vitality to create a following that does benevolent acts in the system. As of now, we could ache for to be cherished and endorsed of so much that we may not be sufficiently observing with regards to whom we give our body.


Despite the fact that this can likewise be a period when numerous sweethearts get together as Austin Coppock states this moon position is. “want to make an enduring and secure union.” but we will “need to be watchful about those that they put themselves in, and under what terms, for they inclined to be exploited of.” [3] The more guiltless among us at that point should make preparations for relating to the terrible kid/young lady around this time. Starry-peered toward and sentimental we could so effectively slip indiscriminately into the underworld. For more data about astrology visit us on celestial prophets in Noida.


The new moon October 2018 is Moon square, Pluto. This is likely a standout amongst the most exceptional and hungry moon perspectives you can have. This is the seething Kali prime example second to none. Moon square Pluto can be the result of an over the top, possessive mother or be fixated on being a mother. Now and again (The West’s, Kenisha Berry) the mother as destroyer can be exacting. For more information visit us astrologers in noida



Kraz is found in Corvus the crow. Every one of the stars of Corvus falls in Libra decan 2, so the folklore of this heavenly body is vital here. The sun god Apollo sent the raven with a glass (Constellation Crater) to get some water for his to devour. On his way, he was occupied by some fine figs on a tree and forgot about time glutting upon them. At the point when the crow all of a sudden recalled his errand, he got a passing snake (Constellation Hydra) and utilized it as his reason for why he had not topped off the glass as inquired. For more information visit us top astrologer in noida

New Moon October 2018 ~ Tarot Card

The tarot card related with this New Moon October 2018decan is the 3 of swords. It is one the most irritating card in the deck, yet it needs to fit someplace so it is truly not astounding that it should fall in the decan that houses the sly crow. Again I should pressure that your diagram is something beyond one decan. The karmic exercise here may incorporate distress, shock and (like decan 1), love triangles. This decan is additionally led by Saturn in the two frameworks so has a significant overwhelming karmic trouble. So the exercise here is that any gold burrowing or playboy conduct here will accompany a monstrous sticker price. For more data about the crystal, gazing visit us on best celestial prophet in Noida. For more information visit us on best astrologer in noida


New Moons tend to make us need to plant new seeds and begin over again. In any case, we are basically working visually impaired, be that as it may, without the enlightenment of the Sun’s astuteness. With a New Moon, we are working 100% on our impulses, so any choices set aside a few minutes will be from ongoing drives and puerile yearnings which may not be to our greatest advantage. We should tune in to our body. The more we tune into our guts, the more we can differentiate between an injured progenitor who is shouting out for consideration and an honest to goodness premonition that is one’s confided in instinct. For more information visit us on  good astrologer in noida

Something else, wisdom is required, on the grounds that the direction of the Sun (the light of truth) is absent at the new Moon and one may effectively be tricked. Another moon can work intense sign enchantment on the grounds that the Moon is uttermost from the earth and this liberates the creative ability from material points of confinement. Thought-seeds planted at the New Moon will develop, so be watchful what you wish for! A Solar Eclipse resembles an extremely intense reboot. The blinding light of the Sun is obstructed for simply enough time to get another point of view. It is mind-modifying and reviving, yet it can flip around your reality too. For more data about soothsaying visit us on great celestial prophet in Noida.



The New Moon on October 8/9, 2018 falls at 15º Libra. I discuss the folklore of the crow, the three of swords and dark tourmaline. Instruments for relinquishing what frequents you. No tirade this week as the insane crow rummaging in the MSM needs a video all to itself! For more data about soothsaying visit us on acclaimed crystal gazers in Noida augmentation.  For more information visit us on famous astrologers in noida extension



Importance Of Moon In Astrology


The Moon is the Queen of astrology and it signifies Mother, psyche, mind, emotions, comfort and peace. The moon is the owner of the 4th house in the natural zodiac too. No-one owns one sign just like the sun and that is Cancer.

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The Moon is debilitated in Scorpio and exalted in Taurus. The moon is the main planet which forms the majority of yogas in astrology. When the Moon is badly placed, it shows the burdens are going to be many. Badly placed Moon always show a sad mind.

The Moon is the fastest planet. In different houses, the Moon gives different results. The Moon goes through various nakshathras and the nakshathra which Moon stays at the time of birth will be our birth nakshathra.

We can get a lot of inputs from the placement of Moon. The Moon should be in a good house, in a friendly sign with a great aspect. All the charts will not have great placement for Moon. The performance of Moon in your chart can be known from the varga charts also.

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1st House 

When Moon adorns your 1st house, you will, of course, be emotional and sensitive. There can be emotional fluctuations too. The first house deal with your personality and looks, so you can, of course, have the moon like face. Your appearance can be youthful too.

2nd House

This is a difficult house and it is right opposite to another difficult house 8th. In this house, the Moon, which is a soft planet is forced to deal with serious matters like finance, money, self -worth, speech, and family. You may find it difficult to manage all the matters in this house if it is without a benefic aspect.

3rd House 

This house holds the mental inclinations, communications, and siblings. The Moon may not be happy to deal with this busy house. You may feel that you have so much work pending to do and you are in a hurry.

4th House 

If placed in a good sign Moons should perform well in this house. This is the natural house of Moon. It deals with house, family, mind, comfort and happiness.  If placed and aspected well, the Moon will do best in this house. It shows a lot of care from family.

5th House 

This house deals with creativity, children, romance, and entertainment. The Moon is happy to display the talents. It will happily assist you to be in a romantic relation. You will get enough opportunity to enjoy your life.

6th House 

This 6th house deals with all burdens. Debts, responsibilities, health and colleagues. These matters are not easy to be dealt with. Moon is an easy planet and it should not be happy to deal with these tough things.

7th House 

The 7th house is of spouse, marriage, agreements and contracts. The Moon will find his way as a mediator. You may even like to get involved with customer relations.

8th House 

This house is another tough house as it deals with a higher version of financial transactions, emotions, and in-laws. The Moon may not be happy as it is the debilitation point of the Moon.

9th House 

This house is known as Bhagya sthana. It deals with higher studies, luck, spirituality, teachers and higher perspectives. This can make genuinely interested in spirituality. Your mother can be closer to you or you will get the blessings of your mother.

10th House 

This house is the house of work. The Moon may show a job in a hospital-related industry. This will be a good placement for the Moon if placed in a good sign and good aspect.

11th House 

This is the house of friendships, collective projects, and hopes. The Moon will try to bring great opportunities by bringing great friends. You will mostly depend and on your friends.

12th House

This is the house of Moksha and spirituality. The Moon can make you very creative. At the same time, the Moon may not be happy to be here alone as well.

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5 Astrology Tips To Have A Happy Life


The traditional art of best astrologer in Delhi has now established itself as a science. Today, more and more people follow the Indian or Vedic astrology as a means of bringing happiness and prosperity in one’s life. As such, astrology studies how celestial objects and their movements affect human affairs and other events in their life. Apart from visiting an astrologer and taking guidance from them, there are few other things that you can do to make your life and that of your family more prosperous. These are general remedy tips that you can try.

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* Peepal goes a long way

The sacred fig tree or Peepal is revered in astrology. It has healing properties. At the same time, it brings prosperity and peace to life. To bring wealth, you should pluck a leaf from a Peepal tree every Saturday and keep it in the coins section of your wallet. Every week, throw the old leaf and use the new one. The best Astrologers in Delhi suggest that doing this will ensure that your wallet is never empty.

* Solving money related problems with Mahalakshami Mantra

Buy a Mahalakshami Mantra from a reverend Astrologer in Delhi and use it on Wednesday night. Start with 1 rosary of this mantra every Wednesday or even 3 rosary. Do this every week to solve your money related problems.

 * Don’t broom away the wealth

It is true that Lakshmi comes in a home that’s clean and tidy. But cleaning with a broom at the wrong time can take away the wealth. So, don’t use a broom after sunrise. At the same time, arrange your house temple in the North Direction or East Direction to bring happiness.

* Increase Stability

We all want to increase our financial stability in life. That’s why, each one of us should have a Guru, a good Astrologer in Delhi who can guide us throughout our lives. At the same time, we can practice this rule every few days or on the advice of our astrologers to increase financial stability. For this, you need to take roughly 125 gm of basmati rice and roughly 125gm of sugar candy (also known as ‘mishri’ in Hindi) and tie it in a white handkerchief. Now, use it to pray to Goddess Lakshmi and seek her forgiveness for any wrongdoings. Once done, immerse the bundle in a flowing river or give some rice as a charity to poor. Your stability will gradually increase.

* Be Respectful

Goddess Lakshmi is often associated with wealth. Now, if you are disrespectful to women in your life, you are disrespectful to Goddess Lakshmi. And even if you have the money, you wouldn’t be happy or leading a prosperous life. So, always respect women in your life. Allow them to handle finances.

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Free Astrology Predictions and Tips


Human life is full of ups and downs and causes of that some of the times life bring too much happiness and sometimes it brings too much of sorrows. Both the things are important for the person and teaches lots of things regards to life which makes a person stronger and but some of the problems are come sudden in life which break the person from inside out. In that situation, a person thought that if I already knew about that all then I already take precaution but now when everything is happening then nothing is there except Depreciate. So cause of that we want to suggest you to take help of best astrologer in Delhi, which helps you to know about your future. Indian Vedic astrology is an art of reading and calculating the planetary position and by reading that; astrologer gives you the Free Astrology Predictions and Tips about your future and gives surety to predict exact result of your future. By using which you can easily know about that what is going to happen in your life and how can you get over from the problem. Not only that much even you can save your life before anything goes or happen wrong with you.

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Vedic astrology prediction is done by calculating the positions of planets and stars, which is really a very hard thing to do but astrologer make this possible by their hard work of years and experience and knowledge. Vedic astrology prediction or calculation is made by using a person’s date of birth and time; this technique is used because every person has their own unique time of birth and by cause of which they have their own zodiac sign which tells a lot about the human’s future. And the cause of this all it’s a one of the safest ways to get the prediction about a future life.

Vedic astrology not only helps you to make aware you from upcoming problems even it will give you the solutions also by using which you can make your upcoming life in the safe zone. With these, all Vedic astrology help you to get a prediction about your married life, career, family, love life, husband- wife future life, child life, and many more things. If you are the one who is having lots of Questions related to your life then you can consult to our astrologer who will help you to know about the future of your life, you only just have to share your date of birth and exact time.

Our astrologer offers astrology prediction for the peoples. According to Indian tradition and customs, astrology plays and vital role in people’s life, Indian people not only uses astrology for prediction purpose even they use it for every auspicious work also, and along with that one of the most use of astrology people uses for matchmaking purpose. In Indian tradition before marriage parents of girl and boy, take help of astrology for matchmaking by that they get to know that how much the girl and boy will get compatible with each other, how their future married life will spend, is they have problem in getting babies or many of things get knows by the help of matchmaking. So it’s also one of the uses of Astrology prediction.

Many of people had taken the benefits our astrologer’s service and helped their self to solve the problems of their life. Vedic astrology has lots of tactics for solving the hurdles of people’s life; tactics are like by using of gemstones, by using numerology, by tantra mantra, by Puja, by Vedic sadhana and much more.

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The 12 Houses of Astrology and Their Significance


In astrology, the 12 houses just like the 12 zodiac signs create the foundation for your life. From the 1st house to the 12th house, these houses reveal a more elucidated pattern of growth and development reflecting that of the 12 signs. It represents the areas of experience where the energies of the zodiac sign and planets function together. According to astrologic best astrologer in Delhi is Astrology Ankiityagi, most importantly the 12 houses focus on enlightening one’s inner state of mind, experience and temperaments. By analyzing and noting the planets movement and placement, an astrologer can tell which qualities will have a strong influence in your life. It is believed that when houses are stronger, your natal chart will hold more power. Listed below are the 12 houses and their interpretations:

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1st HOUSE: Ruled by Aries – This is the first house which begins the zodiac also called the Rising Sun or the Ascendant. Just like it is the first house, it depicts the all-important aspects of your life; first impressions, personality, appearance, temperament, ego, new beginnings and your outlook towards life. The House of Self, this sign is known to have an impact on any health issues you may have experienced in life.
2nd HOUSE: Ruled by Taurus – The second house rules your core values and covers matters related to your material and physical world. As it is known as House of Possessions, it represents how well you manage your finances, how you value and earn money and your self-esteem.


3rd HOUSE: Ruled by Gemini – Third house, the House of Communication, it rules all forms of communication like thinking, talking and deals with everything related to modern technology for communication. It also deals with your everyday activities and the environment that surrounds you like local travel, schools, neighborhood etc.
4th HOUSE: Ruled by Cancer – The House of Home, the fourth house is the lowest point on the zodiac wheel. It includes your home environment, your parents especially your mother, the impact of your mother in your early days of childhood. The fourth house is where you can also develop a sense of security in your private place.


5th HOUSE: Ruled by Leo – The fifth house is the House of Creativity and Pleasure, this is where you have fun. It governs your self-expression, all kinds of leisure pursuits, drama, love affairs and everything else which includes some fun and play.


6th HOUSE: Ruled by Virgo – This is the House of Health and Service and it depicts fitness, diet, illnesses, hygiene, helpfulness and your service to others including animals.


7th HOUSE: Ruled by Libra – This House of Partnerships, the Descendant is the domain for serious relationships and other people. Not to be confused with just romantic relationships, it even governs business partnerships, business deals, contracts etc.


8th HOUSE: Ruled by Scorpio – The mysterious Scorpio is the House of Sexuality, Death and Rebirth. It represents sex, intimacy in your relationships, deals with death and reincarnation. Death sometimes can be just symbolic other than the obvious; the passing of someone. It also governs gifts and money through inheritance or maybe investments.


9th HOUSE: Ruled by Sagittarius – The House of Philosophy and Travel, the key to the ninth house is high learning. It dominates the higher mind, the development of your mind and expansion of your horizons. This house also includes your understanding of spiritual learning, ethics and morals, foreign languages, luck, risk, adventure and long distance or international travel.


10th HOUSE: Ruled by Capricorn – The tenth house is at the very top and also considered to be the most public on the zodiac wheel. The House of Career represents your career and everything related to it including how to focus and choose the right career path, long term career goals, accolades, recognition that you receive. This house represents your father and the way he has influenced you throughout your childhood.


11th HOUSE: Ruled by Aquarius – The House of Friendships dominates your friendships, people who love and protect you. It represents your hopes, aspirations and also your ability to remain happy. This house describes the roles that you undertake throughout your lifetime be it as a husband, partner, wife, friend or a businessman. It also rules eccentricity, sudden events, surprises, invention, originality and anything futuristic.


12th HOUSE: Ruled by Pisces – The final house on the zodiac wheel is the House of Self Undoing and Karma. It rules endings and is dark and secretive. Matters related to the psyche, prisons, hospitals are all a representation of confinement towards the unknown. Although it rules your creativity and imagination this is also a house in which one can drown in self-indulgence leading to substance abuse. But after a period of suffering positive things like enlightenment, motivation, healing can also be found here.

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Sun is the life giver, enlightens the whole world. Its energy is profound. It has the ability to shape up your identity. Sun is the true representation of the self, the soul, our exterior, personality, and appearance. It gives us the spirit and liveliness, but can make us aggressive and egoistic too. It can give us an exceptional creative instinct and makes us ready to face challenges in life. It is the essence of existence, our face to the world out there.

Vedic Astrology is a best astrologer in Delhi, Sun also stands for the authority, the father figure. It endows natives with the ability to lead, to rule the world and to make a mark. By the strong will-power endowed by Sun, we learn to manifest ourselves in our surroundings. It is majestic thus cannot be challenged, and has a royal air to it. It also takes control of our health, the wheel of the cart of life. We cannot move ahead without the blessing of this mighty planet. Its golden radiance fills our soul with energy, confidence, courage and ironclad will. Here is why it holds such an important place in Vedic Astrology.


Sun takes around one year to complete its zodiacal cycle and spends around a month in each sign. It is the ruling planet of Leo, the 5th house. Sun shares a friendly relationship with Moon, Mars and Jupiter. However, it is enemy with Venus and Saturn. Mercury is neutral with Sun. Sun’s influence is positive if it is placed in own sign or exalted. It is exalted in Aries at up to 10 degrees. Beyond that, it will be exalted but positive outcomes may lessen. Sun is debilitated in Libra at up to 10 degrees. This position makes the native low on confidence. Sun forms a Mool-trikon relationship when it is in Leo from 0-20 degrees

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Sun is referred to as the king among the imperial stars. Those under the strong influence of Sun often hold important position in authority such as government officials, royal patronage, politician, magistrate and auditing officer. Sun’s placement in 10th house indicates success in government or corporate sector.  Those in business may deal with jewelry. Sun’s position may also make the native a director or a doctor.  And if it shares a combination with Mars, the native may become a surgeon. People born with strong Sun are often bearer of magnetic personalities and can-do wonders on stage. Performing arts is another suitable field for natives with good placement of Sun.


Those born with strong Sun in Ascendant or in Leo have some unique qualities to them. They tend to be highly generous people, with a strong will and a royal radiance. They would be bold and bright, with a great sense of humor and self-pride but at the same time, they would be very kind with heart of gold. These natives are likely to attain name and fame in life and are quite optimistic about future. It makes the natives ambitious, competitive, and highly driven people. However, if Sun is weakly positioned, debilitated, aspect by or placed in enemy sign, it may make the person selfish, shrewd, aggressive, jealous, and overly clingy & egoistical.


A transiting Sun can impact one’s life in more ways than one. If transit Sun is placed in 3rd house, it indicates possibility of wealth, profit from land or property, fame, and respect. But at the same time, it may lead to problems with brothers and disputes due to ego. Its placement in 6th and 11th house, frees oneself from diseases and gives success. And in 10th house, it ensures positive outcomes and profit from government.

Transiting Sun in 1st house makes one tired and erratic and gives some unavoidable travels. In second house, it increases health complications, wealth loss and problems with partner. In fifth house, Sun makes the native twitchy while its placement in 7th house indicates loss of respect and defame. Sun in 8th house may give you issues related to government or authority. And in 9th house, it may lead to family problems especially separation from relatives and disappointment overall. 12th house-based Sun may increase expenses.

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Tips for Learning Astrology and Becoming an Astrologer


Astrology is the education and study of planets and prediction of effects which is going to effect on individual’s life as per the planetary moment. This blog presented by Astrologerankittyagi.com is defining some basic key tips to learn better astrology. Go through this blog and get to know the best advice to become a best astrologer in Delhi.

Stay Updated:

This step is the basic and foremost step of learning astrology. As per the tips, you have to follow the current astrological movements of planets. Apart from keeping eyes on planetary movement, it’s better to understand the different configuration of these planets. Each and every planet has their own powerful configuration. The main task is to study, analyze and understand these complete configurations of twelve zodiac signs. As per this study, you will able to predict or understand the events which are going to happen in people life. This study helps to build powerful astrological charts.

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Follow the Transits of Astrology Chart:

Apart from following the astrological movements, it is more important to study, analyze and follow the energies of astrology in your personal astrological chart. At the point when a planet at a present position in the sky is making a mathematical edge to the natal position of a planet in your Astrology graph then your own planet is under an astrology travel. For instance, if you were born with your Sun in Aries and Uranus in Aries is at the same degree as your Sun, then you are under a Uranus travel to your Sun. Particularly Uranus conjunct your Sun. This would show a period in your life for your very own “unrest” of progress.

Look for Good Astrology Score:

There are numerous approaches to study Astrology yet it can be extremely mind boggling and confusing if you don’t have a framework that permits you to learn astrology effectively and easily. Despite the fact that as in any new teachings gaining information requires some exertion however the most ideal route is to gain from a prepared astrologer who makes messed up ideas justifiable. Discover an astrology course that is composed around current Astrology standards and how the celestial impacts influence your astrology diagram.

Compose your biography:

Apparently the most ideal approach to learn Astrology is to make a collection of memoirs of occasions that happened in your life. Take as much time as necessary to truly review essential minutes and all recollections that you can. For example, the first occasion when you became hopelessly captivated, graduating school, your first occupation, all critical employment changes, getting hitched, having children, getting separated, awesome or shocking relationships, moving, voyaging. Record the dates of these occasions. At that point you will do detective astrology study so as to gaze work out what were the travels, or planetary impacts that were going on at those times.

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Qualities of a Good Astrologer


After the elements, Best astrologer in Delhi uses another classification to define the different temperaments of the Signs. The Qualities, also called the Quadruplicates, because they are divided into groups of four, describe a person’s attitude in life. Your Quality is a good indicator of how you deal with your environment.
Planets control our lives. Horoscope or birth chart reveals all that we have been, will be and who we are now by studying the position of planets at the magnetic timing of our birth. Sage Parashara, the father of Vedic Astrology in his treatise, ` Brihad Samhita Hora Shastra` mentions the code of conduct to be followed by the astrologers who interpret the chart to us.

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  • They should have purified consciousness with deep faith in the divine and narrate the will of God in the destiny of each individual that takes the form of position of planets at the time of birth.
  • A good astrologer should possess sound health with moral excellence. He should be bereft of cravings and greed, should be truthful, gentle.
  • He should possess cleverness, should be able to express himself clearly. He should be able to answer the queries posed to him based on his sound technical and intellectual knowledge on the principles of Astrology.
  • He should be well read in the subject of Astrology with years of sincere and deep study to predict with accuracy. He should be proficient in the three branches of Astrology: Ganita, samhita, hora. He should possess mathematical proficiency by studying the five siddhantas, and should have knowledge of various divisions of time.
  • Apart from years of learning, he needs to have years of experience as this provides a solid astrological education. Along with learning, experience brings expands his knowledge and gives polish and elegance.
  • To test the competency of the astrologer, it is important to know where he studied and who his teachers were. He should not be self- taught with mere learning from books. Varahamihira has said, “Little is written, but much is meant”, meaning that information contained in the books can only be explained under a good teacher.
  • A good astrologer must possess certification from a reputed organization that he is qualified to practice as an astrologer.
  • A good astrologer should be able to suggest suitable remedies to propitiate the planets. Planets can be benefic or malefic based on one`s actions and he should guide the native to the accurate remedy in the form of chanting mantras, worship of cow, conducting yagnas, worshipping yantras, wearing gemstones, visiting spiritual places and donating to the needy. He should have proficiency in various branches of Astrology to help neutralize the bad effects of the planets.

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